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About Us

Uttar Kattali Alhaz Mostafa Hakim Degree College EIIN: 104688 is a college which is situated at City Gate area, Chittagong. It was established in 1994. The college is run by the "Mostafa Hakim Welfare Foundation". There are science groupcommerce group and arts group in this college for HSC level. On the other hand, there is degree level for higher studies. Recently, the college started Honours section. For this reason, construction of a building for hounurs is going on. The cost is 70 lakh taka and it is taken from college fund.

Mission :

To speak the truth, the real purpose of education is to stimulate the sense of humanity lying hidden among the adolescent learners. Paying close attention to this mission we pay immense attention to the development of fraternity, brotherhood and love for all along with the technical and scientific education.

Vision :  

Our vision is both to enrich the individuals and to prepare them in such a way so that they can contribute to family and country level. As our country is still a developing country, we prepare our students both mentally and technically to enable them to uproot poverty, illiteracy, superstition etc. We try our level best to equip the students with science and technological spirits so that they can go ahead keeping pace with the fast moving globalization process.

Strategy :

With a view to ensuring good results of the students very close monitoring system is being maintained dividing the students into different clubs directed by a teacher whose responsibility includes maintaining communication with the guardians time to time. Besides, regular attendance to the classes is a must. Special cares are being taken when the students go to the final year. Isolating the good students from the weak students special care is given to both the categories.